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Ozzy, ozzy, ozzy!

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Well I am now at the end of my 3 whole days in Tasmania :(

First impressions of Tasmania was that it was... Very quiet! I would like to say quite similar to the Isle of Man aswell. There's not too much going on but it has been nice to chill out a bit for a couple of days. I have been staying Hobart, I was going to venture out to Launceston but the coaches are quite infrequent and hiring a car just for 1 day was expensive.. I've read up though and I don't think I missed too much!

My first day here I just spent sussing out the place really.. I must have walked for miles, I didn't get off my feet the whole day other than for a sandwich in the park :)

The second day I had pre-booked a tour to Bruny Island which is just amazing - See photos below! The trip involved getting a bus to the ferry, leaving the ferry and getting another bus down to the jet boat at adventure bay. Before we were taken down to the jet boats I have to say I was given the most amazing home made blueberry muffin. It made my day. Anyway.... We were on the jet boat for 3 hours. I was right at the front and the guy next to me found my giggling and screaming highly amusing. It was great fun though.. Sailed all around the bay and surrounding islands. Saw an odd little cave that kind of sucked the sea water in and then sprayed the water out again - Again, picture below. It was much more interesting than it sounds! We saw hundreds of sea lions on the rocks too.. Cute :)Then we went dolphin spotting but didn't see any :( Apparently they're seen less frequently in the summer here.

The day after, the weather was miserable! Went down to the seafront and took a tour up to Mount Wellington. It was a good 15-20 degrees colder up there than the rest of Hobart.. Which has actually been quite cold! The views were stunning though.

Been down to the seafront this morning to have a look at the wooden boat festival which starts this weekend.. Surprisingly, it was full of boats :)

Just about to leave Tasmania for Sydney so I think relaxing these last couple of days will have prepared me!

Our jet boat at Bruny Island

Our jet boat at Bruny Island

Views surrounding Bruny Island...

Views surrounding Bruny Island...

The cave I was talking about...

The cave I was talking about...

Lots and lots of sealions

Lots and lots of sealions

Me on the boat looking like an old lady wrapped in her favourite red blanket

Me on the boat looking like an old lady wrapped in her favourite red blanket

View from Mount Wellington

View from Mount Wellington

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Perth - Part 2

sunny 31 °C

Well since I last wrote I have been very busy.. Just the way I like it.

We made it to Rottnest Island on Monday, and it was lovely. Loads of people being sick on the boat though, which was nice. It was only rocking a little bit too. Bunch of girls. The Island used to be a prison, mainly for aboriginees but now is just a place for holidaymakers (Odd transition). It's very quiet, not much there but there are so many beautiful bays and beaches around the Island that you can pretty much pick a beach and have it to yourself. It's supposed to be great for snorkelling too but I wasn't that prepared.

We also went to Fremantle prison which I found really shocking - I couldn't believe how well preserved it was and how many buildings there were. Saw lots of cells, death row and the morgue - Nice! Marie wanted to do the night time tour but I was freaked out enough during the day. We also went on a tour of the tunnels underneath the prison which involved having to climb down the biggest ladders i've ever seen and then some canoeing, it was brilliant fun. They made us dress up a bit like ghostbusters to do it though - See below.

I also enjoyed a wine cruise in Perth, down the Swan Valley river. I'd like to say it was an education but it really wasn't.. I was just enjoying the free wine. A good day out though :)

Also did the tree top walk in Kings Park for some great views of the city and travelled up to Kalamunda to go on a camel trek in the bush. That was great fun but 4 days later my stomach muscles are still aching after a 1 hour trek. Feedback gratefully received from anyone who has managed a full day trek!

I arrived in Tasmania yesterday and first thoughts are... Quiet but nice. I will let you know more over the next few days....









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So far so good!!

sunny 38 °C

Oooh my first Australian entry :)

My first day here was Australia Day but I didn't arrive until late so we went into the city to watch the firework display. The Aussies can show Britain a thing or two about proper fireworks. Getting the train home was a bit of a nightmare... So many people we were moving through the streets at a snails pace. Probably not something i'll see again for a while though!

The day after we went to a wildlife park where I stroked a koalo and fed a kangaroo... Both were just too cute! Then we went to a chocolate factory in the afternoon and I ate the most amazing cheesecake... Peanut and popcorn. Mmmmm. Bye bye healthy eating plan :)

Friday we spent the afternoon down on Cottesloe beach which was lovely. Then we took some seed down to the park to feed the parrots and we basically got swarmed by pigeons, seagulls, ducks and a goose.. So the feeding turned into running away from the birds.

Today we’ve just come back from the Pinnacles which is in the middle of the desert. It’s basically rock formations which have grown up through the sand and there were hundreds of them. We decided to ignore the road closed sign and drive up anyway so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Very peaceful!!

We were due to go to Rottnest Island tomorrow but not sure if it'll happen because of the cyclone currently running around Perth. If not it may be Monday but expect further updates soon :)

Australia Day Fireworks

Australia Day Fireworks

People returning from Australia Day fireworks!

People returning from Australia Day fireworks!

Me feeding a kangaroo <img class='img' src='http://www.travellerspoint.com/Emoticons/icon_smile.gif' width='15' height='15' alt=':)' title='' />

Me feeding a kangaroo :)

Me on in the sea on Cottesloe Beach

Me on in the sea on Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles

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Summary of South Africa

Lovely Jubbly :)

semi-overcast 21 °C

So the last time I wrote I was in Cape Town, day 1. I was holding out writing another entry to try and get some pictures up but no such luck. Guess I will have to wait for Australia to do that... Currently sat in an internet cafe in Johannesburg airport where internet access is extremely expensive but I do have 6 hours to fill.

So, day 2 of Cape Town was my trip to Table mountain. I learnt when I was boarding the tourist bus that it was shut due to wind!! You wouldn't get this malarkey on Peel hill. I still got off the bus at the lower cable car station just to see what I could see and the view was amazing. I guess you could say I saved myself the R180 entrance fee :) Hopefully I can get some pictures up of the view soon so those of you not on facebook can have a look.

I also went to Green Market Square - Kind of a rastafarian craft market where I bargained my ass off for a bracelet.. Unfortunately that's all I had room for. It was beautiful and had such a lovely atmosphere. A bit like the Covent Garden of Cape Town I reckon. Had another stop further to the coast at Camps Bay which was very nice. Apparently the Hollywood of Cape Town.. Very quiet but picturesque.

I was back in Port Elizabeth in time for karaoke night :) I felt like Mariah Carey on tour. I also took a tour of the townships surrounding Port Elizabeth which was so interesting to see, but heartbreaking too. Just hundreds and hundreds of shacks. They let us have a look inside a nursery which was basically a freight container with one long pillow and loads of kids lying in there. So sad when you compare to the nurserys we have in the UK. A really good experience but not one i'd like to do alone! I wasn't keen on taking many pictures there either, it felt a bit intrusive.

All in all a lovely place but I think my next trip will involve a bit more exploring too.. Fascinating to see the differences between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town and would like to have more comparisons next time I make it this far :)

Anyway, off to Oz this evening.. Perth is first on the list so I will have another update soon - Hopefully this time with photographs!!

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Cape Town


sunny 29 °C

Well here is my long awaited second "Real" entry.

I arrived in Cape Town last night after a 12 hour bus journey. This seems hardcore to me but the Kellys have put me in my place and told me this is just a tiny journey within the bus journey heirarchy.

The place where i'm staying is... ok. It's a bit odd but the location is spot on. About a ten minute walk down to the Waterfront which is just brilliant. I love it here, could easily spend a couple of weeks here rather than a couple of days but i'd need a nice tidy budget to accomodate that :)

Just got back from Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was kept prisioner. It's only a 30 minute ferry ride and only cost R200.. A little less than GBP20. There are people who actually live there now (In houses, not the prison) mainly the people who are responsible for the maintenance of the Island but it has it's own primary school which anyone is entitled to attend. Some children from the mainland catch the ferry to go there. How cool is that? Much better than the school bus :) Anyway, the cell was a little bit grim. Tiny, just a matress to sleep on and a bucket to pee in. I will get some pics up soon. Again, no memory card slot on this computer.

Tomorrow i'm going up to Table Mountain and I still haven't decided what else to do in the afternoon. Possibly a "Township" tour which is basically a tour around a village made of shacks, education of their culture etc. They're quite expensive though so I will have to do some maths tonight. There's so much to do here i'm spoilt for choice. Flying back to PE on Saturday morning and then need to formulate a plan for the week. Probably putting my feet up for a couple of days to save some money for Oz which is approaching on 24th Jan! And possibly going to the cricket on Friday (SA Vs India) if we can get tickets. This should be exciting!

Saturday night will consist of good wine, a "pot" on the BBQ (Like a stew I am assured.. They are making me a veggie one but I think Peter is going to try and sneak some lamb in. Tut tut) and karaoke. I am looking forward to it.. Seems I am enjoying behaving like a south african man - Drinking by the fire and ball games in the pool!

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